What I Wore - *Khaki, Flowers, and Pockets!*

Hey lovelies! How was your weekend? 

My other half and I went to see Breaking Dawn yesterday. Have any of you seen it yet? What did you think? I was pleasantly surprised with Part 1 and I can't believe Part 2 won't come out until this time next year!

I saw the preview for The Hunger Games too...I really need to start the series! I bought the first book recently so it's on my list of books to read. 

Oh! And I picked up an ornament for my ornament exchange partner Meg. Are you part of the swap over at Dolce Vita?

Sooooo....here are the outfit photos (if you follow me on Twitter then you've already seen a sneak peak of my shoes last week!)

Pockets!! Ahhhh! One of the many favorite parts of this amazing dress!

Loving the bows on the sleeves. Such a fun detail. 

Shoes!!!!!! Eeeek! Yes I'm that excited. They are a tapestry fabric and I love em'!

Don't mind the black outline around my nail, I managed to get printer ink all over my hands at work, it was amazing none of it got on my dress. The Audrey Hepburn brooch is from joyfuljewelrydesigns.

Now this is a dress to spin in!


That's all for now! 

Wears from Head to Toe -

Dress - Eshakti
Shoes - UrbanOG

Have you ever purchased anything from Eshakti? I bought three dresses for my first go around with them and they all fit which is always a good thing AND they are all perfection! Score! : )

Talk to you soon,

  1. how adorable! lovin the dress and the shoes ROCK!!!!! but my very favorite is the extra touch of ink on the nails!!!! : ) LOVE IT!!!

  2. Wow, love your outfit! You look beautiful! Gorgeous! xxx

  3. Cute dress! That's one you can wear for years since it's so classic.

    I saw Breaking Dawn yesterday, too. It was better than I was expecting, since that one is my least favorite of the books. :-)

    And yes, you should definitely read Hunger Games!

  4. I pretty much only buy dresses if they have pockets. See my full blogger profile if you don't believe me ;). And read "The Hunger Games"!!! I am so obsessed with those books. Definitely some of the best I've read in years!!!

    Love the outfit!!!!!

  5. Lovely dress and shoes :)

    I went to see Breaking Dawn on Friday and I really enjoyed it. I'm so excited for the Hunger Games film! Get reading them now :)

  6. I was actually on the hunt for cute summer dresses yesterday and I found approximately zero. Maybe I need to head online.

    I can't believe neither of us have read The Hunger Games. I was prepared to avoid it all (I hate 'hype-y' things) and then I was like "fine... I'll watch the trailer". And now I *have* to read the books.

    I love your dress. And the shoes most of all!!

  7. you. are so. cute. your poses are always the best! and the dress looks wonderful on you :)

  8. That dress is perfect; love the details on the sleeves, so cute! I didn't know the brand; I think I need to check it out ;).


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