Random Wednesday No. 2 and a giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you traveling somewhere or staying close to home? 

I'll be staying close to home. I am starting a cat sitting job today and it'll go through Sunday. I will be taking photos for sure of the kittens. Bella and Griffin are both 10 years old and they are so plump and sweet! They are such cuddle bugs. Griffin is diabetic so I will be giving him daily injections too. 

So onto some random happenings from the last week or so!

Me and the kittenz (featuring Lil' Trixie and Charlie Girl) I love that Charlie uses my arm as a pillow. Last night I fell asleep ON Trixie but my other half didn't take a photo. She was my mini pillow. 

Ahh, I feel like I shouldn't even DO a Random Wednesday without a Bieber feature because it's hard for me to go anywhere without seeing something absolutely ridiculous that has his face on it! A SINGING TOOTHBRUSH! Have mercy...

While in Walmart last week I turned the corner and saw this amazing set up for the release of the newest (and final!) Harry Potter DVD. If my other half was there...I would've been IN this photo. But alas I am not. Ron looks extremely scared in this photo. 

SHOES! One of my favorite new pair of shoes. 

I got my dress from Kaelah's (oh so fun) Closet that I ordered a couple weeks ago. You just never know it something is going to fit but I lucked out and this fabulous frilly find has a new home in my closet : ) -Oh and you can see the shoes in the above pictures in action in this photo! Can you see the fancy cat in the background? <3

Kitty key caps! I found these beauties at Forever21 when I dragged my other half inside before we went to see Breaking Dawn last weekend. (He is a gem really...the best!) After trekking through a two story Forever21 and waiting for me to choose between what dress I wanted to indulge in...he is the one that spotted these! 

*In case at this point if you are wondering about the giveaway part of this post I will tell you!*

I picked up two packs of the kitty key caps! I will be doing a giveaway very soon to win a pack of these so stay tuned!

Talk to you soon and Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hahahaha I love the Harry Potter picture set-up. So good. I'm staying home for Thanksgiving, but my parents flew across the country to see me, so I'm super excited about that!!

  2. we'll be staying here for thanksgiving. our fams are across the country and we already flew home twice for wedding things in the last 3 months. but i lmao at that justin toothbrush. that's just nuts i'd refuse to buy that for my kid! lol have fun with pet sitting :)

  3. Your outfit is so cute- I love the dress and shoes!! I seriously can't believe that Bieber toothbrush but I have to admit I probably would've wanted a New Kids on the Block one in my preteen time :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You look AMAZING in that outfit. Super hottie Mchottie!!!! I love it when internet stuff fits, I unfortunately only have bad experiences. Nothing fits me :( Oh well.

    Also, one of these days I will reply to your email. I still love you. I wasn't just using you for Package Pals!!

  5. I LOVE your dress & your gorgeous new shoes. So happy to have found another Florida blogger!! :)

  6. Bella and Griffin are so cute!!! :D Oh, I didn't know Griffin was diabetic, poor thing! How did you find out? Is it difficult to apply the injections? Do you have to do it every single day?

    Btw, what a great purchase! That dress is amazing! And so are the key caps and the shoes!


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