How I spent my Halloween - Meow!

Okay, first of all, this is not an exciting Halloween post. It's an honest one!

I spent Halloween sewing (I'm at my desk in my studio in the photos) and trying to keep the cats paws off of the thread and attempt to keep little BellaTrix aka Trixie from walking across my laptop keyboard. 

Yes, I sewed with my "costume" on which by the way was't easy since I wear glasses but I wanted to keep it on so I could run downstairs when the doorbell rang to give out the candy. Out of all the kids costumes I saw, the little bunny, was the cutest. The little girl had her little rosy pink nose which sold the bunny costume for me. Very very cute!

I thought I would use my handy dandy but awful quality camera on my computer so capture a few photos to share with you!

Trixie wouldn't stop getting into my she got to be in photos because of her incessant neediness! I <3 that little terror!

Cat "costume" - Walmart

You may or may not be able to tell how short I got my hair cut over the weekend! I always feel so much better after I chop off few inches of hair!

Oh AND if you are a fan of Colleen Houck's books (Tiger's Curse books to be more specific) the third installment of the series came out TODAY!! I ordered Tiger's Voyage on Amazon this morning...I...can't...wait!

So, how was your Halloween?

  1. Love it. :) and I love that you made it!

  2. Awe, 2 adorable kitties! :D

    No one knocked on our door yesterday, haha! But I'm glad David bought a bag of chocolates because now we have sweets for at least a week, hehe.

    Happy Tuesday, Jenna! :p

  3. Jenna, you're adorable! We had a pretty mellow night ourselves - scary movies and junk food!

    I love your previous post with your cowboy boots and tights! I want a pair of cowboy boots sooooo bad. I don't want new ones though - they have to be well worn and scuffed up. And seeing as I have a problem with other peoples' feet...well wish me luck with that one! lol!

  4. Trixie is ADORABLE! Her spots are just the cutest thing ever :D
    I bought Halloween candy knowing full well that we never get any trick or treaters. The cashier even asked if we get a lot and I lied, and said I wasn't sure. (Since truthfully it was just for me) Then she said something about being able to take leftover candy to work to share. I lied again and agreed that it was a good idea...

    Your haircut is doing a pretty good job of convincing me to chop a few inches off of my own too!

  5. Awww, that's cute!

    Our Halloween was kind of lame this year. We were invited to a couple of parties but didn't go because my husband was really run down and starting to get sick. So I just wore my costume around on Sunday while we watched football. I was dressing as Bellatrix and didn't want to waste it!


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