Fabulous Friday Finds AND a brand new bird on the block!

I would like to start off by saying, I am a creature of habit, BUT I want to expand my finds to items not just on Etsy. I window shop...a lot...so needless to say not all my favorite items are from Etsy. 

This will be the first addition of FFF with a melting pot of finds!

Before I get to that though. 
I want explain bird part of the post. If you haven't guessed it already...I joined Twitter!! Finally! Sometimes I think I am the last person on the planet to sign up but I'm so glad I made the leap to the twitterverse. So if you want to mosey on over and follow me...please do! @SewSavoirFaire is where you'll find me. Now give me a learning curve here...remember it's new to me. 

Finds time! 

Navy Pleated Dress via Shabby Apple - This dress in any color especially navy. I've decided it's pretty much the most perfect dress. The cut, the detail, the length with an old school structure. Love!

Custom Kitty Charm via The Dapper Toad - If you are a feline mom then chances are you will love this too. It's such a cute idea and the detail work in the faces are just magical. <3

Velvet Sequin Platform Pump via UrbanOG - These beauties would be en route to my house by now if they had my size. Hello holiday heels AND they come in multiple colors!! PS - they are $29!!

All Natural Mineral Makeup and Cosmetics via Madison Street Beauty - I made a purchase from this divine Etsy shop when I bought a Heartsy deal and I'm pretty obsessed now. I've bought an array of make up from different Etsy shops and so far this has to be some of my favorite. PS - There is a HUGE grand re-opening sale going on right now through midnight tonight - 70% off your entire order (yes I placed another order) for the code check out her facebook page you won't regret it!

Framed Pair of Hares via PrettyZoo - The look of this necklace is so unique and special. Such an interesting piece to add to an outfit. 

Ta da!! That's it! This is probably one of my favorite list of finds. Just looking at the photo of those heels make me drool. <3 Super not lady like...but whatever! :p

Any great finds lately that you had to grab right away or add to your "must have" list?

PS - My opinions on these items are soley my own!
  1. Love these finds! The custom kitty is my favorite -- but the link isn't working! :( And welcome to Twitter. :) I'm still kind of new to it as well and am kind of adjusting.

  2. I fixed the link! Thanks Cas :)

  3. FAB FINDS indeed my friend!!! love them all!!!! hugs...

  4. Wonderful finds! And welcome to twitter! I am off to follow you - I'm @whimsipoppy! Hugs xxx

  5. Wonderful finds! And welcome to twitter! I am off to follow you - I'm @whimsipoppy! Hugs xxx

  6. Awesome finds.

    Found you on the Blogging Buddies forum. I'm your newest follower.


  7. I love that first dress! I wonder if a skirt like that would suit my type of body at all.

    I'm following you on Twitter right after I click the publish button. And btw, I joined Twitter not so long ago, I'd been refusing using it (the same with FB), but I decided to give it a try, hehe.

    Thanks a lot for your comment today! ;)

    Have a great weekend! :p


  8. I love that dress also. You're right, it's very 'old school' but without being vintage. I think it would be very flattering. I love when dresses have sleeves, I don't think they make enough dresses with sleeves!!

    And you're not the last person to join twitter, I am! Well, I would be, if I joined.

  9. Oh my gosh, that necklace is killing me! & they're all such great finds.


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