Hey! Hey! I have an announcement and giveaway update!

Did that get your attention? I was hoping the obnoxious "look at me" route would pique your interest.

I know I said yesterday that I would be posting some adventures and photos from my pet sitting gig over the Thanksgiving break BUT I decided to post about it Thursday. So I'm saving the cat-tastic post for a couple days.

*I do have an exciting announcement though.*
Well I think it's exciting at least.

I am in the process of opening a new Etsy shop. Yaaay!

My DaintyPawsDesign shop is more than likely going to be closed. I love making pet beds but I have more fun making them for my little lions than making it into a business. They take awhile to make and design and with working a full time job it's hard to designate ample time to sewing and designing!

So I started thinking. I have a copious amount of vintage clothing/items and I'm running out of room for everything. Plus...I'm constantly picking up more pieces. Why not share the vintage love?

So that's just what I'm going to do and I am OVER THE MOON excited about it!

I'm still gathering up pieces and items and taking photos so it'll be December before the shop is officially up and running. But you can go take a peak at it if you want.

Now I'm sure the banner will change numerous times but I'm happy with the cats for now : )

There will be clothing, accessories, housewares, collectibles and if anyone has any "must have" vintage items they seek out let me know and I will do some hunting too!

I'm excited to share the news with all of you because this is something that I am really passionate about. Shopping and sharing awesome finds with like minded people!

*Giveaway update - Make sure to stop by tomorrow to enter the giveaway that I first mentioned here!*
Kitty Key Caps! Woo hoo!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Congrats jennaaaaa! That is very exciting. :) can't wait to check it out! Sorry I've been so bad at visiting your blog! I'll try to be better!

  2. So awesome! I keep thinking I should start an Etsy shop, but I'm too lazy... :) I can't wait until your shop opens!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new shop!!! I love your excitement about it!!! Good luck!!

  4. this is great news, i'm so excited for you, jenna!! i can't wait to see your finds!

  5. Awesome! I can't wait to see it.

    Good luck! I can tell you from personal experience it's a ton of work to run 2 shops, but it's totally worth it. :-)

  6. Good for you!!! I have been "in the process" for about a year now.. lol! :) Can't wait to check yours out!! -Rachel (for the birds)

  7. So happy for you! It's always so exciting to start new ventures!!!

  8. Congrats girl! Can't wait to see your shop!


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