Fabulous Friday Finds is here once again! Woo hoo!

I know, I know, I "woo hoo" a lot but it's the first thing that comes out of my mouth or goes through my head when I get excited about something!!

Do you have a phrase that you think you may overuse?

Anyway! I am extremely excited yet again to share some finds from this weeks window shopping ventures.

Soooo....I should forewarn you that I really did TRY not to have SO many cat items....it was a valiant effort but I kinda failed. Humor an old cat lady this week and I promise to lessen the amount of feline finds next week!

Cat Shirt (men or women) via BeadArtExpress - Let's just say my other half is lucky that I don't buy us these matching cat shirts.

Vintage Kitsch Mood Barometer via WhatsOnTheShelf - This thing cracks me up! It's like a heads up to anyone that enters your dwelling...tread lightly or come on in!

Caturday Forecast Umbrella via Modcloth - Seriously? I wouldn't even MIND the abundance of rain here if I had this umbrella!! Silly little kittens in planters.

Vintage Brown Suede Satchel via magnoliavintageco - Maybe the fall season is starting to rub off on me even though it's 80 degrees in Florida. You gotta love a good satchel and the delicious chocolate color is amazing!
The Cutest Sneeze in the World Cat Postcards via Modcloth - Ahhhh! Cat sneezes!! When cats or animals in general sneeze it cracks me up! There are more than just sneezing cats in the mix of these postcards too. Just a bunch of cat hilarity in there.

Lace Up Wedge Bootie via UrbanOG - More suede except this is faux suede hence why these beauties are only $27! I know I'm slightly in love with this site but I have a huge crush on shoes.

That's it!
*PS - You should see my "watch list" on ebay. The amount of cat items is scary. But let's not go there this week!*

Any big plans for the weekend?

 It's supposed to be pretty nice here but I don't have anything planned as of right now. Oh except to watch Beastly because Netflix was kind enough to get me my DVD just in time for the weekend.

Talk to you soon!!

  1. That mood barometer is awesome! I can honestly say I've never seen one before.

  2. haha i like that mood barometer! if it was mine, i think it would be stuck on moody ;)

  3. Ooh! That barometer is so funny! I need that!! And that kitty tee shirt and the umbrella are both adorable!! <3

    Thank you so much for introducing me to UrbanOg! I can't wait to get the pair of shoes I ordered from there. *squeals*

    And thank you so much for following me blog! It definitely put a smile on my face. :D

  4. I brought this shirt for myself this weekend http://moralfibre.com/arty?q=pegapuss

    SO cute and I love the name. But then I realised that it would be even better as a gift so I'm giving it to my friend Jess for her birthday instead. But how cute is it?!?!?

  5. Eek! And I just found the artist's website and she has cute kitty with wings pictures. I want!!!


  6. Aaaaah! The postcards!!! :P And the tee! And the umbrella, haha!


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