What I Wore - *Navy, Green, and Red!*

Okay. I didn't WEAR red per say. This is more of an update on my hair progress to go red! I haven't posted any super recent photos since my last hair appointment (round two of going from black to red) so I'd love to know what you guys think!

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember me mentioning that I was going to share what I wore to the fair on todays post! I was stumped on what to wear at first because the temperature is just starting to change but it still is in limbo between cool/cold and warm. 

I decided to go with a trusty pair of navy tights and a skirt/cardigan combo. It was a success too! Perfect for the weather at the fair that evening. 

You may wonder...why the heck am I wearing wedges when I'm going to be walking for hours...let me tell you!
We were going to see Little Big Town during our time at the fair and I knew if I had to stand I NEEDED some height. You learn that pretty quickly when you are barely 5'3...gotta be prepared. 

Okay...enough words...photo time!

I may have been pseudo grass tap dancing - 
 Sayin' cheese!
 "Now this is how I would take off if I could by chance fly"
 I should work on my landing...
 I have to share a few photos that show my absolute FAVORITE necklace! *Fan girl alert!*
  I ordered this necklace from DreamAddict on Etsy because it's no secret I am obsessed with The Vampire Diairies. 
This beauty is based off of the moonstone in the TV show. 

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Glasses - Zenni Optical
Cardigan - American Eagle - on clearance for 4.99 over a year ago!
T-shirt - Target
Necklace - Dream Addict
Purse - Target - new purse purchase and I'm in love with it!
Skirt - Thrifted
Tights - Target - in Fighter Pilot blue aka Navy 
Shoes - UrbanOG

Wowza! What a Target heavy outfit post! A go to outfit though for a cool fall day/evening in Florida though for sure!

Talk to you soon!
  1. Love the pics! You look gorgeous!!! Awesome outfit! Hugs xxx

  2. The faces you're making are so cute! :)

    xo, Samantha

  3. I think I'm going to try and get Vampire Diaries from the video store today!!! Perfect reward for finishing studying :)

    Your outfit was very cute!

  4. you are always so adorable in all your photos! i love your energy :)

  5. So cute! I love everything about your outfit!!!

  6. Such a cute outfit and I love the flying pic :) Ummm I had never heard of UrbanOG and it looks awesome so thanks for that!


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