What I Wore - *Oxfords, Peacock Blue, & Flowers...and me falling*

Happy Monday Lovelies! 

How was your weekend? My Saturday was spent thrifting and watching a Vampire Diaries marathon with a girlfriend of mine. Sunday was spent catching up on DVR'd shows and movies. Has anyone seen It's Kind of a Funny Story? It's really a great movie! I wasn't sure what to expect when I recorded it but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. I highly recommend it!

Sooooo....yeah I spent a lot of time in front of the television. 

So I want to share with you one of my absolute FAVORITE dresses. I got this beauty from SpeedyGirl awhile back and I'm so glad that I did. I've worn it with neutral tights (black/brown) and then like you'll see today I was wearing it with a fun pop of color. Have you ever purchased a dress from SpeedyGirl before? Which one did you buy? 

Time for the wears...and photos of me falling. Yep. 

I do love my oxfords <3

 Getting my jump on...what a lovely facial expression too.

 Then falling because jumping on a surface that isn't flat usually doesn't pan out so well. 

 No rips in the tights...so that's always a plus. 
Back from the fall...A OK!
Love love the the collar and sleeves on this dress!

Wears from Head to Toe -
Glasses - Zenni Optical
Earrings - from my mama
Belt - thrifted
Tights - Target
Shoes - UrbanOG

That's all folks!

PS - let's all say thank you to my other half for deciding to take pictures of me busting my rear ever so gracefully - because every girl just loves getting pictures taken of herself falling on the ground! Such a sweetie he is :p

  1. Cute and fun! I love it!

    PS - LOVE your hair! It looks fab and makes me miss my short hair. ;) grrr...

  2. Haha, this is really cute! Looking fab lady! xxx

  3. Hahaha, Jenna, you're so much fun! Love these pics and yes, this dress is awesome!

    Happy Monday to you, too! And I'm going to check out that movie that you watched ;).



  4. Haha! Jenna you make me laugh! I'm in love with that dress! The collar is too cute! Hey, how do you take most of your shots? Multi timer? I swear no matter what I do mine come out blurry - I pretty much gave up :)

  5. you are a peach!! I LOVE those blue tights. I'm actually obsessed haha :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  6. Dress looks great on you!
    Angie (Blogging Buddies)

  7. Aw, look at us having Vampire Diaries marathons together, but apart! I was there in spirit :)

    I have totally seen that movie. I really, really enjoyed it. My friend thought it was lame but I really liked it. Zach Galifranakis (you know who I mean!) had a really different role but I liked him in it.

    Also, love the dress. And love the 'falling over' pictures :)


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