A Surprise Package from an Amazing Blogging Lady!

Well, I can't tell you have excited I was when I checked the mail yesterday, and not just because I got a lot of key items that I need for an *upcoming announcement*!

Miki was kind and generous enough to put together a cat themed package to send my way! 

Check the goodies out!

Charlie Girl showing off the fun and funky decoration Miki came up with!

How cute is the packaging? She cut out all these adorable pieces of clothes! Not gonna lie...I love the yellow dress!

Miki sent me two books and she cut out all the little kittens...I am going to put them on my bulletin board in the loft. The books are SOOOO cute and I will definitely be reading them both. 

Silly Trixie.

There are so many neat questions and answers in this book. My cats are going to be SO mad that I know why they do everything they do :p

Thank you thank you thank you Miki you are the best and I appreciate so much all the work you did putting this together! Big hugs to you girlie!

  1. What a sweet package! Miki is the best! Happy weekend! xxx

  2. Awe, Jenna! :D I'm so happy you liked what I sent! :P Thank you so much for these pics and for being there! Seeing your adorable kitties with the books made my day! I'm going to save them, hehe.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! ;)



  3. OMG!! she's fantastic, isn't she? she puts so much thought into things, it makes me feel so fuzzy. the package is awesome :)

  4. How sweet!! This is so cute. I love the packaging!!

  5. What a sweet package! Hope you had a good weekend!


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