Above the Curve (ATC) Review - Valentine's 2014 Collection

I want to start this Monday off with a big bang.

I've posted a mani with an Above the Curve polish in the past and it's still one of my favorite colors.

Every single one of these beauties follows suit with my last post about Above the Curve...they're gorgeous.

There isn't a "typical" red or pink polish in this Valentine's Day collection, while I LOVE red, this was a nice alternative to the expected.

If you're looking for a Valentine's polish or just a polish that is stunning for every day wear make sure to take a look at this collection and ALL colors from Above the Curve!

On to the goods!

You Java Me Crazy -
(raspberry brown with pink and purple shimmer and a scattered holo)**

This is a beautiful and strong polish. It has a lot of sass to it. When I say strong I mean...you feel a little kick ass when you wear it.
This beauty is very rich in color with a subtle and fun pop of holo.
This was two easy coats with NO top coat.

Truly, Madly, Deeply-
(orchid shade with pink/purple shimmer and a glowing holo)**

This stunner ended up being one of my favorite ones of the bunch! It's such a bold and pretty color. The holo is stronger in this one but not over powering so it doesn't take away from the beautiful purple color. This little lady can lean a little pink and purple both of which are divine.
Two easy coats just like the last one. No top coat on this one either.
Freaking gorgeous.

All You Need is Love...Wine! -
(full of different shapes and sizes of red, bright pink, lavender, purple, fuchsia, garnet, bronze, gold, cinnamon and rose glitters in a shimmery holo purple/plum jelly base)**

THIS was such a fun color! It's harder to see in the photos the depth of this polish. The macros give a much better idea of what it looks like in person. The little multi-colored glitters are a part of this polish rather than standing OUT from the polish. They are just go together. The base color is a fabulous vampy and saturated red based purple.
Two coats, no issues at all, with a thin top coat.

Circle of Love - 
(glitter topper full of lavender, neon pink, bubblegum pink and holo red hearts, lavender, pink, white, red, purple, fuchsia and silver circles in different sizes and finishes. Fine holo hex adds an extra sparkle to the mix)**

What a fun way to close out the collection right?
It wouldn't be a Valentine's Day collection without an over the top cute glitter topper.
These are some of my fave macros because I LOVE seeing those hearts and holo circles and what not magnified. This is such a fun accent to any Valentine's mani or anniversary...or anything that calls for hearts!
This is has a thick clear base so it's not the easiest to get out the big glitters but obviously not impossible. I like the little holographic small glitters because they are in every brush stroke so it's not like you're just trying to get big glitter bits on there.
Circle of Love is shown here with no top coat on each of the colors included in the review. My favorite is the topper with Truly, Madly, Deeply.

And to sum this baby up...a collage...because I love collages as much as macros.

So which was your favorite? Have you snagged any of these or do you plan to?
Also I should point out $1.00 from every bottle sold, not just in this collection, goes to Shriners Hospital for Children. So you're not just buying pretty polish for yourself. You're helping children out too!
Make sure to follow Above the Curve's FB page too! They are very interactive with people which is such a plus in my book!

And ATC is having a sale until Wednesday! Use code WC1 for 20% off!

Also tomorrow is World Cancer Day (2/4/14) make sure to show your support with your favorite purple mani! Use hashtag #PaintedPurple4WCD on instagram/facebook/twitter if you share it! For more info on what you can do to spead the word and show support check out the American Cancer Society website!

*a portion of this collection was provided for a review and honest opinion*
**Italicized descriptions of polish taken direct from the website

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