Aurora Lacquers - Fae and Moirai

Good morning...afternoon...evening...whenever you happen to find yourself stopping by to see this post!

I hope you had a great weekend or if you had a bad's hoping for a better one this week!

I was knee deep in fabulous polish this weekend which worked out well since the weather was pretty dreadful in not to sunny Florida.

Today is more or less a continuation of my post from last Monday. More fabulous polish from the fun and sassy new brand Aurora Lacquers. She had a great grand opening last weekend and I can't wait for the next restock! Make sure to check out Aurora Lacquers Facebook page to stay up to date!

(*grey-purple textured polish packed with tons of glitter)

Without addition of a top coat

I wanted to showcase Fae in all it's textured glory first. I'm not a huge fan of texture personally but the texture in Fae really added something special to it. To see all the shiny glitter bits popping out in the rough polish was a unique and really special!

With the addition of a top coat

And there she is with that tried and true shine of a top coat. I used two coats of HK Girl and you would never know it was a textured polish by the touch. The really neat thing is that it still LOOKED textured. Best of both worlds for me!

Coats -
Three thin coats. This is a thicker polish as it's textured and meant to be gritty. But as you can see it goes on very evenly and distributed without an issue.
Color Intensity -
Oh the color...such an interesting color. As you can see it's true to the description of the polish. It can appear very grey or VERY purple. It's not the camera playing tricks on you! It's such a sassy little polish.
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

(*purple based polish with tons of iridescent glitters and holo stars throughout)
Over Aly's Dream Polish Super Black

Here is a look at Moirai over both the black and also over Fae. As you can see the colors really pop over a dark polish and are more subtle over a similar polish color. Either way...LOTS of sparkle.

Coats -
Two thin coats over Aly's Dream Polish Super Black and one coat over Fae - it was very very easy to get all those electric glitters out of the bottle. No issue with even distribution. Except for the stars! They are a heavier glitter among the less dense glitter so they fall to the bottom. I did get one out so you could see the pretty reflective glitter. Honestly...the glitter is so gorgeous that even if you can't fish a star will NOT be disappointed with all the stunning glitter bits in it.
Color Intensity -
VERY intense. It packs a huge punch of eye-catching glitters. They are so reflective in the light. Lots of fun for sure.
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

Here are the links for Aurora Lacquers FB and Etsy shop

Make sure to come by tomorrow for the FINAL installment of my Sherlock Mani Series!!

*descriptions taken from listings on etsy
**sample size bottles received for my honest review and opinion - all opinions are my own!

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