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So we meet again...well well well...

By now if you're checking out the Sherlock mani series you either LOVE Sherlock like I do...OR you love freaking fabulous polish. 

Both reasons are fabulous reasons. 

So as of today we're at Week 5 in the series! 
(Here are the past Sherlock mani series posts 123, and 4)

Boy do I have a gorgeous one for you today. If you love blue or just a good deep, dark, and beautiful polish you will love this one.

Not Our Division
(*A royal blue crelly base is filled with silver glitters and a hint of sassy holo sparkle)

This is SUCH a stunning blue...even more so in person.

Let's get up close and personal with this stunner.

See those little shimmer bits that are catching the light in the macros above and below?? 
Those are little holo specs! Gah!

Coats -
Two seriously easy as pie coats. Completely opaque in two coats and if you use a regular coat rather than a thin one on the first go around you would only need one. Great wear time - two days and still looking fresh.
Color Intensity -
Really stunningly intense. Depending on lighting it can look like a deep dark blue but it will lighten up in outdoor light so it's more of a bright blue. No matter's gorgeous. 
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

Here is a direct link to the listing.
You are missing out if you don't snag a few of these polishes in the collection!

One more week in this series!!

Swing by tomorrow for What I Wore!

*Polish description taken from directly from listing

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