What I Wore Wednesday - Black and Blue From Top to Toe

Hey hey hey!

We've made it to Wednesday yet again. You know what that means? Yep I'm (and I'm sure some of you) that much closer to pay day...and let me tell ya gals I need that money!

Living paycheck to paycheck is soooo overrated. I've been doing much better at sticking to a set bi-weekly budget though. Did you have any financial "dos and don'ts" for the new year?

Okay let's just get to the gist of the post shall we?


Dress - Target (similar)
Cardigan - old black cardigan from Target
Tights - basic black tights from Target
Shoes (you can see them better in the detail photo - they're old - probably from UrbanOG)
Necklace - Kohls
Nails - NerdLacquer in Gotterdammerung
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Details -


Another outfit post has come and gone. What do you guys think of these? Would you prefer that I just stick to nails? Or do you like when it's a mix of "fashion"/nails and what not?

I like when I read blogs that are predominantly nails and they venture off into things besides nails but I don't know if the majority is on the same wave length as I am!

I will see you tomorrow for one of the final three for the Sherlock Mani Series!

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