Mani Series - Sherlock - A Study in Polish - Mind Palace and 221B

So I've got double the Sherlock goodness this week.

There is one glitter topper in the collection and since all but this polish has glitter in it was going to be an obvious pairing! By the by...there are two more polishes in the collection that I do not have that don't have glitter either.

After this post I only have 2 more weeks worth of Sherlock polishes from A Study in Polish to share with you! Honestly I just cannot wait to wear the other polishes...all of them have been pretty fabulous in different ways.

With that being said....polish!

If polish were a Mind Palace...I would want it to be this.

Coats -
Two coats of Mind Palace with no issue with formula. Not too thick or too thin. No need to build up much. 221B had a little too much clear base making it too easy to get out the glitter for my small nails. I don't think it would be much of an issue at all if you have a larger nail bed and longer nail. On the plus issues with getting all the glitter shapes and sizes out!
Color Intensity -
Shiny and shimmery - even more beautiful in the sun. Two macro thumbs up.
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

Honestly, while this was a pairing of circumstance, it really worked out well.
If the base color is the beginning of diving into a mind palace...I feel like the 221B is the chaos that ensues after stepping foot into said mind palace.

Too literal? Eh, if you watch Sherlock, I think it'll make sense to you!

Swing by tomorrow for a little road trip around the interwebs!

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