Things I Fancy Friday - Super Fabulous Special Edition - The Shine Project

I want to start by saying I REALLY hope you clicked on today's post! 

This really is a special edition and it truly is fabulous. Not just because of how gorgeous what I have to show you is but also because the organization it comes from is nothing short of amazing.

You may have seen other blogs or articles post about the project but in case you haven't I want to take a minute and share the cause. I promise there are photos in the post too AND a coupon code! Yessss!


Threads is a company that originated from The Shine Project.
When I first did my research on both the company and the project I was floored. It was so overwhelming to think how much one group can make a difference.

The Shine Scholarship Project is a non-profit that was created by The Shine Project. Not only do they provide jobs for at risk teens but they also provide many services and opportunities that go hand in hand with following their dreams and having the resources to do so.

Following suit to the Scholarship program - Threads was launched - 
Threads helps at risk kids pay their way through college. Kids that more than likely would never get the opportunity to even have college on their radar. Many of the teens that work with Threads to create the jewelry are the first generation in their family to attend college! 

It fills my heart with so much joy to know there are women like Ashley and her posse out there changing lives. 


(ugh sorry for the terrible lighting...see what happens when I try and take a photo in my house after work!)


I was offered a chance to collaborate with The Shine Project and I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to the bracelet. When I opened the package I was blown away at how perfect it was. Not only is it incredibly pretty but it's so versatile! Stack it or wear it alone and it is divine. Needless to say I will be buying a few more items! 

If you want to pick up one of the many fabulous pieces make sure use the code THATGAL10 to receive 10% off your order! If you order something please share with me what you chose! I know I'm going to have a hard time choosing!

To learn more about The Shine Project and all the countless projects and events they've had check out the beautiful blog!
And come join in the fun on the Facebook Page!
And last but not least...let's shop!

I hope you had the time to read through the post and see all the photos!
This really was something special that I was so thrilled to share with you all!


Swing by Monday because I'll have a review of the new Dr. Who Collection for Above the Curve!

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