Things I Fancy Friday - Oh My Goodness!!!

Okay so the post isn't just about "oh my goodness" mostly because that really makes no sense.

But something featured in the post today gives me an "oh my goodness" feel to it...for me at least!

PS - No Valentine's Day Allowed - with a day filled with Valentine's Day related things (not that I have any issue with the holiday) I want to not focus on it! There are so many other things I want to share!

Should i stop talking and just get on with the finds? Don't you dare answer that... 



My So-Called Chaos Best of Blog Awards
I was nominated you guys!! Never in my life have I been nominated for anything...though I have nominated myself for Best Cat Mom. Nothing came of that though...psssh.
If you have some time to swing by and vote for me in any category you see fit that I'm nominated in would SO appreciate it! So much!

Every piece of artwork...all of them.

OMG...this. Everything. It's from source-less just imagine the source of this photo is hiding out in that amazing fancy tree house.

I couldn't choose between these...the photo on the left is so aesthetically pleasing but so spooky at the same time. And the photo on the right...shoooooes!

Dr. Seuss...that whimsical wordsmith.


Thank you for joining me on a little internet road trip. 
And if you had time to cast your vote for my blog...thank you so much. I should figure out a way to properly thank you guys if I do win anything. *goes to mind palace*

See ya Monday! I will have post full of whimsy for ya featuring Aurora Lacquers!

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