Things I Fancy Friday - Let's Be Happy

So I've had some ups and downs this week. I've felt like a roller coaster of emotions.

Up and down and happy and sad and blah blah cry. 

You know what I mean ladies...

I thought I would focus on some happy things...with that in mind...I'm sharing finds with you today that made me smile when I saw them. 

So I hope they make you smile too. 


This natural light and the simple glass grouping...

Have you seen David's Tea is selling chocolate with tea in it??

I want to be in that room on a Saturday morning with scrambled eggs and a frappe. 

This <3

I wish I had a window in my kitchen...this set up brings so much life and sunshine in.


Did you smile a little bit? I hope so :-)

Swing on by Monday for a review of some glittery goodness...aka...Polish Addict polish!

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