Aly's Dream Polish - Firebrick #65

So how about we start winding down this week with my numero uno favorite brand?

That's right Aly's Dream Polish

Of course you knew that because you read the post title so my guise of being mysterious needs some work.

BUT before I share all the pretty photos and hopefully before you scroll past all my chatter up here...can you please do me a solid and vote for me in the Best of Blog Awards?? Voting was originally going to close today but it's been extended through this weekend. I am crossing my fingers you guys think I deserve an award in this amazing line up of blogs. It would mean more than you know! I'm considering hosting a giveaway if I win because what better way to say thank you to people that voted??

Okay time. So much pretty!!

By the grace of the polish Gods...this polish is divine. Look at it up there...being all chic and fabulous.

Let's mac.

Standard macro on the right and on the left is Firebrick in indirect overcast sunlight and it's still shines.

Coats -
Two coats. One regular coat and it was fully opaque but I added a second thin coat's just something I have to do to make a mani feel complete! Perfect formula. No dragging or pulling in between coats.Not too thick or thin. Perfection. 
Color Intensity -
Gosh. Where to begin? This is such a captivating color. It's the outstanding mix of brown, red, and yellow. a brick...but like a holo brick. Oooh holo bricks. Focus....if you want to feel all chic and fabulous. Firebrick will do that. I mean...did you see that yellow/gold holo shift??
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -


So to sum it all up...

Aly's is the bees knees.
Please please take a few minutes and vote for me.
Firebrick makes you feel fancy and fierce.
And...I have a super special Things I Fancy Friday post tomorrow. Pretty things and an amazing cause!

PS - I hope you made it all the way down here because I promise there are usually pretty interesting/useful things after the photos too! :-)

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