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It's with great sadness that I post today's post...

It's my final post for the Sherlock Mani Series!! This has been so fun sharing the freaking fabulous polish from A Study in Polish for the past six weeks! I hope you spotted some polish that you love and enjoyed the character specific collages :) 

BUT with the sadness of seeing the series coming to an end...there is also TONS of happiness because today's polish is freaking divine.

Before I get to the photos - below are the links to all of the previous Sherlock series posts :)

Let's Have Dinner
(*bright red jelly polish would go great with your battle dress! It is filled with a mix of black and blue glitters)

HOLY CRAP! Do you see what I see??? This is a look at my nails polish. And it's amazing.

Let's macro!

Coats -
Two easy as pie coats. Even glitter distribution and nearly completely opaque which can be difficult with a jelly. There is a slight visible nail line but it really only shows in the macros. I didn't notice it in regular light. Fabulous formula just like all the others I've shared!
Color Intensity -
Wowza! Freaking fabulous is really my best description of it. It's a show stopper cherry red with amazing black hexagon shaped glitters with little blue glitters thrown in to really catch your eye.
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

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Also go take a look at all the pretty polish in the shop!

*polish description was taken from actual listing

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