What I Wore Wednesday - Chains and Pearls

I realize now that I'm typing this up...the title of my post makes it seem like my outfit is going to be much more interesting than it actually is. So don't get your hopes up for some insane chain and pearl ridden ensemble.

Also...I didn't realize until I saw the main photo of this post in it's normal size how freaking bright the light is. Whoops.

Oh...also...back to Sherlock. Does anyone know where I can get Sherlock mechandise? I mean is Etsy the best place to get really cute/unique things. Not just a tshirt or something like that? I noticed in my search that there are UK based sites but that's obviously not the best choice for me! Any advice from my fellow Sherlockers?

Okay now...what I wore.

Dress - Chain Reaction Dress from Eshakti (currently out of stock)
Necklace - Pearl and Diamond double strand necklace (similar)
Tights - basic black tights from Target
Shoes - Modcloth (similar)
Glasses - Zenni Optical
Lipstick - Lime Crime in Retrofuturist

Details -

That's it folks!

I told you it was much more low key than the title led on.

Also...you may or may not be able to tell but I got my hair color touched up and a cut...and I'm still in that fresh hair dye phase. Am I the only one that LOVES the smell of a fresh dye job? Here's hoping I'm not because otherwise this portion of the post will be super weird.

On that note...see you tomorrow!

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