What I Wore Wednesday - Seasons and Seychelles

Soooo I've been in a bit of a funk recently. Lots of changes are around the bend. Not in blog world but in "life" world. I'm not one that excels at change. As a matter of fact I'm SUPER anti-change. I'm the quintessential creature of habit. I suppose life doesn't always play nice and make it easy!

More on life happenings as they happen. Maybe. I don't know how much people want to read about the life behind the blog surface!

In the mean time...how about...a nice somewhat blurry outfit photo and some incredibly non-blurry detail photos?? Yaaay!

Dress - I completely forget. I BELIEVE it's Darling brand but I've had it for years
Tights - basic brown tights from Target
Shoes - Seychelles "Ampersands" from Ideeli sale can be found on sale here also
*But I highly recommend watch Ideeli for the BIG sales on this brand*
Glasses - Zenni

The Deets...

And proof that I do go outside even if it's only once and awhile when it's still cool out and hasn't quite changed seasons yet aka melt your face off hot in Florida...in March.

Swing on by tomorrow for....well you'll just have to wait and see!

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