Polish Addict - Show Me the GLITTER!

So....it's no secret I'm a glitter fan.

While the polishes I'm sharing today aren't part of any particular collection, they are all about the glitter, so I thought I would just share them all at once. 

Hey...why not?

Polish Addict is run by two lovely ladies, Laura and co-owner Crystal, and like myself they also love glitter.

And also something that's important to me as a consumer...they are VERY engaged and interactive with their customers. Make sure to swing by the Polish Addict FB page to keep up to date!

Now...let's glitter.

Polishes on display today!

(Multi-colored glitters in various shapes and sizes - including large circles, hearts, and stars!)

So I'm starting with my personal favorite today. Even in the small bottle all of the glitters of all shapes and sizes were pretty easy to get out! I love the color combo of these glitters. So fun and spunky. That large teal circles and the stars?? So fun...I really love the thin bar glitter in this mix too.
As you can see in the bottle there are LOTS of other glitters in there. You never know which ones you'll get which is part of the fun with this one!
Base color - Dynasty by American Apparel

(Multi-colored glitters of various shapes and sizes)

Okay so this one gave me some trouble. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the mini bottle size or if the larger glitters were just more difficult to retrieve. Based on the description from the website there ARE holo red circles and holo red moons in this. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get them out. Other than that it was easy to work with. No issue with any other part of the glitter mix.
Base color - Essie Haute as Hello

(Glitter topper matte white, matte teal, and micro metallic teal)

This holo packed glitter made my camera go nutty and it had a hart time focusing as you can see in the first macro!

This is THE most dainty and lady-like glitter topper I have ever seen. The soft blue is insanely gorgeous. I've seen this over turquoise polishes but I really want to show the glitter in all it's glory. I love the stark contract between the black polish and the pretty pale blue. Easy peasy to work with. Evenly distributed across the nail. A breeze of a glitter topper.
Base color - Hassid by American Apparel

(A Lavender crelly with a mix of holo rainbow glitters, holo silver dots, and holo dust)

And last but not least the only non-topper polish. This baby is just packed with glitter in a oh so pretty almost pastel purple. Easy formula. No issue with the polish itself. The larger holo circle glitters were somewhat difficult to get out but not impossible. Unfortunately I got most of the holo circles out in the first coat and not the second coat so they kinda got covered with the second coat of polish! Even without a mani full of large holo circles this is a really fun and playful polish. Perfect for the upcoming change of seasons!

Oh my gosh a collage full of glitters...now that makes me smile!

Which one was your fave? My two faves are Breakfast at Tiffany's and Love & Theft!

That's a wrap for today but come by tomorrow for my full review of a just released polish from Aly's Dream Polish - Garnet Dreams the January polish in the new DreamStone collection! Eeeek! 

*polish was provided for a review and honest opinion*
**Italicized descriptions of polish taken direct from the website**

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