Aly's Dream Polish - DreamStone Collection - January: Garnet Dreams

So if anyone were to ask me on any given day my top indie polish would be Aly's Dream Polish.

Seriously it's true. I know there is an inordinate amount of indies out there...but my polish loving heart belongs to Aly's.

(PS - my top GLITTER polish is forever and always Nerds!!)

Aly opened up her shop on Sunday for a week long pre-order...a week long! That means you can shop until your polish loving heart is content and you don't have to worry about stock running out or being...dun dun dun...cart jacked. Do you know how amazing that makes the shopping experience? Freaking amazing.

Make sure to swing by and shop the easy as pie pre-order...and do yourself a huge favor and snag the polish I have to share with you today!!

Aly came up with a fabulous idea for a new collection.
This year there will be a "gem stone" polish for each corresponding birthstone. Except to make it magical the polishes will be DreamStone themed rather than a literal birthstone color.

Let's face it...a lot of polish brands have done regular birthstone collections and I myself have tried at least one from a handful of the brands and have been very disappointed with the end result (hellllo honesty).

So long story...not as long.

The DreamStone Collection is all about the abtract and whimsical version of each birthstone.
I cannot wait to see the upcoming months!!

Without further adieu aka me babbling on and on...

(dark grey holographic polish with a flirtatious red flash of shimmer)

I wanted to capture the polish in both "versions" it has. When the polish isn't flashing it's red shimmy it's a beautiful and bold grey.

All the while that red is just itching to come out and dance around...

The subtle red brings SO much sass and flare into this polish.

This is INDOORS in my regular old living room lighting.

Behold the bottle...

If you're not IN LOVE will be after these macros...I tried to get a macro of both the polish when the red isn't ALL the way visible and when it's impossible to miss.
And one extra single macro shot cuz it's pretty.

Let's double the pretty up a bit.

Hot damn now THAT'S a birthstone polish to write home about.

Coats -
Two thin coats though honestly one probably would've been enough. But I'm incapable of only using one coat. Because I'm OCD like that. Formula is perfection. No streaks or pulling.
Color Intensity -
Oh yeah, it's intense, in the best way possible. It feel daring but chic all at the same time.
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

Aly's has also released a host of new colors along with this one. And I should also mention the DreamStone polishes are LIMTED EDITION. They will only be available for two restocks. Restocks are tentatively planned for each month. For more info about the collection make sure to check out Aly's Facebook Page!

And for good is the link one more time to Garnet Dreams.

*sample polish was provided for a review and honest opinion - I really love Aly's I promise I'm not gushing for the heck of*
**Please keep in mind I received a prototype sample of this polish - color may vary in different batches and is not uncommon in the land of indie**

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