What I Wore Wednesday - Platforms, Bows, and Hearts

And just like that...we're have way through the work week.

Though IF we were like...three quarters of the way through...I would be lying if I said I was upset.

Also...I broke a nail yesterday...what a jerk of a nail!! I keep them short already but COME ON! Luckily...my photos for tomorrow...were taken a few days ago prior to the nail breakage. Yay!
PS - tomorrow's post will feature a stunner from Aly's Dream Polish!

Time for the platform goodness!

Cardigan - Charter School Cardigan in Rose
Earrings - World Market
Dress - Kohls
Tights - Zulily sale - Brand Eye Candy
Shoes - Forever 21
Polish - Mystery polish from Pahlish
Lipstick - NYX Cosmetics in Miracle

It's all in the details... 

For some nutty reason when I uploaded the photos the color of my dress in the above photo got washed out. No idea why because none of the other colors in the photo were washed out. Crazy.

Come by tomorrow for Aly's!!

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